Tweet your video – but longer



As you might have heard, Twitter has recently implemented a new feature allowing you to post short videos instantly. It’s great to see that it has become even easier to add all sorts of images to this popular social media platform, which has long extended far beyond the original 160 characters.

There had already been a connection between Twitter and Vine, allowing you to upload extremely short videos, but this new Twitter video update will allow you much longer videos. You can share up to 30 seconds of video and even do some basic editing in Twitter itself.

Great news, however, sharing a video exceeding 30 seconds is not possible yet. This means you still need to rely on an external video app to post longer videos to Twitter. Together is one of the apps that makes this very easy. Any video you compose with Together can be uploaded to Twitter instantly and completely. What’s more, Together also gives you much more editing capabilities than Twitter itself, such as text options, borders, filters and so on.

In the future, Twitter might start to add features like these as well, but for now they’re just testing the water. If adding videos through Twitter becomes popular, who knows where the development might end. For now though, have fun experimenting with all of these different ways of adding video, either through Twitter itself or through a compatible app with more options like Together. And do let us know of your ideas and share what works best for you.

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