Solving photo size issues with a border


paris together app

I don’t know about you, but I tend to make a lot of pictures using my phone in upright position. The same when taking pictures for Instagram; as they’re square, I always use the upright position of my iPhone 6.

However, when I want to use my photos in a compilation video, I’m not always happy about it. The upright position does not fit with the default video screen, which is, of course, horizontal, just like any TV and cinema screen. This results in boring dark edges to the left and right of my beautiful pictures.

But, thankfully there is a great new option in the Together app that helps you get rid of these black sides. On the decoration tab, you can add a border to your picture compilation. The border masks the black sides and makes your compilation even more beautiful! Just watch a small exemplary video with some pictures I took on my trip to Paris some days ago. The lovely floristic border adds a feeling of spring to my drizzly pictures (unfortunately, it rained for most of the days I was there…).

Do try the borders to show off your ‘vertical’ pictures: I’m positive you’ll be as happy with the feature as I am!

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