How to make SnapChat video compilations


So we told you how easy it was to make a Dubsmash and a Vine video compilation, using the Together app. But there’s more. What about Snapchat? Sure, we know that Snapchat was originally intended for pictures that were not saved, but be honest, don’t we all save our snapchats – and those of others? If you want to compile your own snapchat pics (yes, your own – using those of others may cause some serious issues and we don’t want you to get into trouble…), you can of course use Together too.

Add your best snapchats to the Together app in one go, and then decide which ones you want to use for your compilation. As you might already know form our other blogs, or from using the app, Together can be used as a sort of video pick ‘n mix; just add all of the videos and arrange and rearrange them in any other you fancy. Once you’re happy about your compilation, you can always add a title. Just choose the first picture in your compilation, go to “edit” and then decide what font and color you want to use.

Finished? Upload and share your video through Together, either via email or through social media. Or use the super handy Together cloud storage to not only store your video without using up space on your mobile device, but also to get your video featured on the Together website via a link you can manage yourself. Send friends the link and make your Snapchat last!

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