New Together Clip Editing Features


Things can always get better. That’s why we try to update and improve our Together app all the time, and guess what? It’s update time! Here’s some info on the new and improved features. Make sure you update the app to use all of it – and if you’ve not got Together yet, this is definitely the moment to do so.

The first thing you will notice when using the updated app, is the “decoration” tab. This is a cool new feature to put some borders along your pictures and videos. You can give your video a filmreel-look, for instance, or even add a fun beach theme.


But there’s more. When you’re at the list of videos you will see the “fade in” and “fade out” button at the top and bottom. As soon as you’ve chosen your videos and are rearranging them to make them into one movie, the beginning and end of your film will have a neat fade in and fade out, making it look even more professional. If you don’t want the fade effect, or you’re looking for another transitional edit, just choose the clip and you’ll see that in edit mode you’ll be able to change the fade settings.

My own favourite new update is the “art” tab. Here you can change the appearance of single clips, and the effects are really something. There is “smooth toon”, “polka dot”, “vignette” and lots more – check out the short example below and you’ll see what I mean (top one is original, bottom smooth touch).


Some of the above mentioned features might not be available (or only partly) on the free version of Together. Why not try out the Premium version (there’s a trial available) to see all of the improvements and try them out?

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