Merry Christmas! Make a Winter Video



It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as they say, so why not capture the holiday season on video?

I’m sure you know how to film and edit by now, and especially when you’re using Together it’s as simple as can be. Here’s some special pointers for the winter season.

- Lights! There are so many lights everywhere and nowadays mobile devices are more than capable to capture them in good quality. Why not make a video showing all sorts of different Christmas lights?
- Close-ups. It’s great to show a general view of the Christmas season, but don’t forget to include details as well. Mixing wide shots and close-ups makes your video more lively.
-Music. Add your favourite Christmas music to your video or use the winter music available in the Together app.
-Best wishes. Why not add in a holiday wish and send your video as a digital greeting card?

Here’s a simple Christmas video we made for you to show all possibilities. The music is from the Together app and of course we’ve used the great text-addition possibilities to include a holiday wish. Enjoy the season Together!


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