Make a hair or make-up tutorial video


If you’ve ever thought of making a beauty video but never dared to, let us help you out. There are lots of people making videos to show off hairstyles and make-up nowadays, and these videos are very popular. We can all use some help in doing our hair and make-up and if you’re someone who can show how to do stuff, then just use Together to make some great vlogs!

Of course by now you know that you can film, edit and rearrange your videos on the go with Together. You can add clips and pictures you’ve made with other apps and software and Together lets you add music and text, if needed. A feature that might come in handy when making a hair or make-up tutorial is the speed feature. You can speed up your clips so if, for instance, you’re doing a video on braiding you can show the start very detailed, then speed up the second part of the braiding just to get a quick view of how it goes on and then get back to normal speed again for finishing and fixating the braid.

Adding text to clips can also help you on make-up tutorials. Why not add the brand name and number of the lipstick you’re using – putting this kind of info at the bottom of the screen will help viewers to get a perfect overview of the products.

All videos can be easily uploaded to the internet or specific social media, which makes it easy to share your video online. Of course you’ll want as much people as possible to see your tutorial so make sure you upload it to the right canals. Don’t forget to name your vlog, especially when you’re planning on making a whole series of hair and make-up tutorials, you’ll need a name for your videos/channel. You could even add your own theme tune through Together as well (and if you’re lost for ideas, there is some great stock music in the app itself for you to use).

Have fun and don’t forget to let us know if you’re using Together to make your tutorials. We’d love to feature your work in a future blog or on our Facebook page!

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