Make a great Father’s Day video


It’s almost Father’s Day so why not surprise your dad with a great video? Paying him a personal visit is of course the best idea to honor him, but if you’re not able to, sending him a video could be a great way to tell him how much he means to you. Here’s some ideas:

Make a compilation of pictures of great moments you had together. Add them to the Together app , ¬†fit them in the best order and choose some music to accompany the video. Of course you can also add some nice words and comments – there”s the possibility to add text to any part of your video. Choose the best font and size and write your feelings!

A simple Thank You
Why not keep it simple and just make a short video of yourself, thanking your father? Of course this is easily done with any mobile device, but when you use Together you can add something extra. Why not add a border to your video, to frame your message? You can choose from a lot of lovely frames to mark the occasion.

Kid’s video
If you have children, they’ll have a blast making a video for Granddaddy. Film them singing a song for him – if they’re still young and you can’t always quite make out what they’re singing, you could always add the lyrics to the screen!

Of course, sharing the video with your dad is simple. You can choose to send the video in any way possible; a link through email, upload to facebook – just choose the best way that suits your dad. Happy Fathersday and do let us know if you’ve made any particular great video!


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