It’s spring, so start filming!


It’s definitely spring now in most areas of the world. Mid-may and nature is blossoming. Have you been filming lately? If not, you should. One of the wonderful things of mobile filming is that you can also catch the everyday stuff and use them in a film much later. For instance, why not film the view from your window every now and then? Or try filming 10 seconds of your route from home to work/school every week. At the end of the year, you’ll have lost of short clips you can add together. If you speed them up, you’ll have a great video showing you how your regular surroundings actually change over time.

But don’t forget, spring is great for catching those glimpses of sunlight through the trees, small ducklings crossing the street and flowers in bloom. It’s amazing to see what nature does, so why not share it with others? Film what you see and share it via Facebook with your friends on the other side of country (or even work). You don’t need special occasions to film, you can do this any time, especially when using a mobile device. There’s no excuse; start filming!

Need help on how to make the best videos? Check out our video tutorial on how to adjust the speed of your videos, for instance, or our tips on framing and composing.

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