How to make a video compilation



We’ve done some articles on making SnapChat, Vine and Dubsmash compilations, but as there are so many video and photo apps out there, we thought it’d be a good idea to do one general explanation on how to make the best video compilations using the Together app. Here’s the steps you need to take:

1. Add the pictures and clips you want to use to Together. You can add any clip or photo stored on your mobile device. Select and upload them and they’ll be in your Together library.
2. Start a new movie and add the imported clips and pictures. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to delete the ones you don’t want to use in the movie after all later.
3. rearrange the pictures and clips any way you like. Watch your movie to see if it’s turning out the way you want to, if not, just rearrange again. A simple drag-and-drop system lets you rearrange and edit fast and easy.
4. Happy with the order of your clips? Now add some extra features. Titles, music, video effects, anything you want. You can easily add them to specific clips and again, if you don’t like how it’s turned out you can just remove the effects again in no time.
5. Compilation finished? Upload your movies, send it out through email or share it via social media.
Oh, and don’t forget, Together works with Cloud storage so don’t worry about your mobile device getting all clogged up with video compilations. Just save them in the cloud instead of on your device- and access your videos every time, from whatever phone, computer or tablet!

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