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DIY and Crafting with Video – Top 5 tips how to make a video present



I’ve already written some blog posts to explain how you can surprise others with a video. A Halloween video, for instance, or a video to remember all the good times you had with your best friend. But there’s always a reason to give someone a video as a present. It’s fun and easy to make and a perfect personal gift to give if, like me, you’re not good at drawing or crafts, but you do want to give that little something extra.

So here’s a top 5 advice for making a video as a present.

  • Keep it short. You don’t need a 20-minute video telling your mum how much you love her – you can do that in person. Think about the time it takes someone to receive a wrapped gift, unwrap it, look at it and like it – that’s the perfect length for your video gift as well.
  • Use different sources: video, photo, audio, text. Together lets you mix up all of those easily and using different media will really help your video.
  • Give your video a title at the beginning and/or the end (you can use Together to add text to the video if you want). Even if the title is something simple like “happy birthday”or “I love you”, it’ll give your video the context you need. Using a phrase that’s well known to the receiver, an inspirational quote or any other quote or saying can be great to use at the beginning or end of the movie too.
  • Use music. Music is one of the best ways to convey emotion and can lift up your video. If you’re using music together with a clip in which people are speaking, adjust the sound levels to make sure the spoken words are still audible. Working with video clips which have inaudible passages? Try our new app Denoise to make the sound more clear.
  • Decide if you want to give this video in private, or share it online. Choose your content wisely and accordingly. If you want to share it publicly, you can use Together to upload, but if you want to send it through email you can do that with Together as well.
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