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Remember those old-fashioned slideshows, when you had to sit for hours on end watching 200+ photos of your friend’s vacations, on a big screen? Those days are long past and the word slideshow is now a synonym for a stream of pictures stored on your computer or mobile device. But streaming them digitally does not make your slideshow more engaging per se. Have you ever really thought about how to put your photos in the perfect order? Here are some things to take into account.

- Try different sequences. This is very easy with the Together app; just add all of the pictures you want to use and then drag and drop them in any order you like. Rewatch your selection instantly to see if it makes sense.

- Your sequence does not have to be chronological per se. Why not look at color or composition to find the best order for your pictures? Alternatively, you can go for variety; mix pictures showing lots of people with pictures of landscapes, for instance.

- You do not need to use all of your pictures, really. Make a selection of the best and most captivating pictures, especially when you want to share your slideshow with others. You could always reserve an extra slideshow containing all pictures for yourself.

- Use matching music. There’s a lot of music available in the Together app if you’re lost for inspiration. Watch your slideshow with the music to see if the musical effects fit your photos: maybe a bit of rearranging would be helpful.

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