Clean sound in your videos without external microphone


A lot of mobile videos fail due to poor sound. Don’t let your videos fail because of that. Until now you needed an external microphone to fight this problem. The major drawbacks of using an external microphone are the necessity to carry on extra gear, increased setup time and additional costs.

But now there is a simpler way to tackle that kind of problem. Remove the noise from your videos with an easy to use background noise removal app called Denoise. To convenience you even more, we have added a Noise Removal App Extension into the app, so you can remove the noise right from the Photos app. Have a look at how you can improve the sound quality of your videos in a matter of seconds.

If you don’t like reading manuals, even short and interesting ones, then just have a look at the demo.

After installing the noise removal app Denoise you can do all sound processing right from the Photos app (App Extensions are available to iOS 8 users only). Clean sound is especially important when you have someone talking in the video (i.e. an interview), because all the noise around could significantly blur the focus of the speech. Although it’s not possible to eliminate all the noise, we can definitely emphasize the focus and make the audio more clear.

The noise removing app extension is available from the Photos app. Choose the Denoise app.

remove noise form video

Touch the ‘noise only’ area on the sound waveform. Usually it is the flat area in the beginning or in the end. This makes the app understand what the noise is in every case.

clean sound without noise

Having the noise selected, the app will start making a clean version of the video. The total duration of the process depends on the video length but in most cases it is a pretty quick procedure. After the noise is removed, compare the clean and noisy versions of the videos. If you like the result then just save it using the «Done» button. If don’t then try to choose another noisy area and check the result.

Another approach is to choose a video to clean in the Denoise app.

We will also add the noise removal audio filter into the Together app as part of the premium subscription package. Don’t worry about the costs, there’s a trial available! This way you can experience all the advantages of having great sounding videos without any expenditures.

Finally, here is the list of the features you will get for just $1 with noise removing app Denoise:

  • remove noise from any videos you have on your phone, make sounds look professional
  • noise removing app extension to speed up the process
  • frequency spectrum analyzer – check the frequencies of the sounds

Sound of your videos is the voice of your message — make sure it resonates!

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