Be the new Spielberg/Inarritu/Tarantino* (pick your favourite)



Here at Together we try to help you as much as we can in making the best mobile movies available. The reason behind it is simple: we love film. And loving film means watching a lot of movies, both in the cinema and at home, and learning from them. Since it’s the Oscar season too, we’d love to give you some advice from the big guys (and girls), the directors who are known all over the world for their brilliant, innovative movies. What sort of advice do they have for budding filmmakers? Here are some quotes and anecdotes!

Know your material

Peter Jackson, the creator of The Hobbit and LOTR movies, says it’s very important to know the limitations of your camera. This might sound odd from a director who has used the most advanced filming techniques, but even he felt himself limited at some points. By knowing what your camera can and cannot do before you start shooting, you can get the best out of your filming. This is very good advice for mobile filmmakers; even though phones and tablets can do quite a lot, there are also things they cannot do. Think before you shoot and if something seems impossible, try to work out alternatives beforehand.

Aim high, risk low

Of course, you want to make the best movie it can be, but think twice when spending your money. The Coen Brothers, masters of the absurd, spent a meager 6 million dollars on their hit movie Fargo. They put their heart and soul in it but were careful in spending money, because there was a possibility the quirky movie would flop. A flop would be less of a problem for the studio attached if the movie hadn’t cost that much in the first place, so they kept to a low budget (earning quite a bit of money on it when it became successful). So, what’s the lesson? Don’t be cheap, but don’t think you need to spend all of your money either. When it’s a great movie, it’ll shine through even with a lower budget. Trying to make a short movie or an Internet hit with your mobile device? Just go for the mobile look and use its features instead of trying to make it all fancy and glamorous. It might just work.

Don’t care about the audience too much

Director Sofia Coppola, famous for such movies as Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation, says she just tries to make such movies she would like to see herself. She does not think about the audience expectations too much. This is a good advice: thinking too much of the others’ preferences may contradict your own vision. Stay true to your own style and ideas, and you will surely find a proper audience for your movies, either small or big.

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