5 reasons to make a Video for your Valentine



That day has almost come, February 14th, the Valentine’s Day! A perfect moment to let that significant other know that you care about him or her, either anonymously or not. This year, why not make a Valentine’s video? Here’s the 5 best reasons to make a video for your beloved.

1. When you use Together to make a video, you can choose how to send your video to your loved one. Send it straight to their mailbox, or when you’re feeling bold, use social media. Want to send an anonymous video? Just upload it into the Together cloud and your video will be viewable online, without your name attached to it. Just make sure he or she gets the link to the video!

2. Want to send an anonymous message but give some hints as to who you are? Send a video full of clips of your favourite romantic places, songs and images. Let them guess as to who you are!

3. Sending a message to your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife? A compilation of your most romantic moments could work great. Add photos from your phone to Together, add some video clips of you both together if you have them, choose your common song and let your significant other know how much you care.

4. And, finally, an even better idea: send a puzzle video. If you want to invite your beloved to a romantic dinner, try to make a video with some hints in it. Film some iconic places on the road to the restaurant, a thing resembling its name, and add time and place using the text option. You could even go to the restaurant a week earlier and make a movie of you sitting there at a table, with some romantic flowers, as if you are already waiting for your beloved. A great video to surprise him or her!

5. Together will add some great new features just for Valentine’s Day. Decorate your video with a border full of hearts, for instance, or use a great intro clip: they’ll be added in the next update which can be here any day now. We’ll keep you updated on the release.

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