10 Videography Tips for Shooting Better Smartphone Videos



Just because your smartphone fits in the palm of your hand doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot amazing videos with it. The latest iPhone model can shoot full HD 1080p video. If you’ve recorded many videos with your phone, you know that the potential for crisp and professional recordings is huge. But you don’t have to be a trained videographer to take your skills to the next level. Here are ten tips to help you improve your smartphone videorecording skills.

1. Check your storage before shooting. You don’t want to run out of disk space in the middle of a scene! Check to make sure you have adequate space before you start recording. Better yet, save your videos in the Together cloud storage.This will conserve space on your phone, plus make it easy to download videos to your computer for editing.

2. Position the phone horizontally. This may seem obvious, but your videos will turn out much better if you hold your smartphone horizontally. Computer and television screens are horizontal, so your camera should be aligned the same way.

3. Steady the camera with a stand or tripod. Unless you have hands as steady as a six-gun shooter’s, it may be worth investing in a tripod for your smartphone. Worse case scenario, place the camera on a fixed surface for your still shots.

4. Pay attention to lighting. We could write a book on lighting, but for now let’s start with some basics. Take a moment to observe the lighting around you. Do you need to turn on some lights to illuminate a shot? Can you position yourself so that the light falls on your subject? For example, if you’re shooting a video of your friends at a rock concert, place yourself between your friends and the band with your back to stage. This will make sure that the stage lights shine on your friends’ smiling faces.

5. Listen. Sound quality plays a huge role in the overall quality of your video. Before shooting, listen for background noise like fans, air conditioners, and traffic. If these sounds are part of your video’s setting that’s one thing, but to make sure there aren’t car horns in the background of your artistic shot, listen first and make adjustments (like tip #6) to reduce the ambient noise.

6. Use an external mic. Purchasing an external mic for your smartphone will make a huge improvement in the audio quality of your smartphone videos. Most mics are small and compact and easily fit into your phone’s headphone or USB jack. Prices vary, but we’re sure you’ll find the investment worthwhile. Don’t forget to shop for your particular application, whether voice, music, or video recording.

7. Record from multiple angles. There’s a tendency to hold our smartphone close to the face while shooting a video, as if we’re taking pictures. Instead of shooting a scene from a single viewpoint, try recording multiple shots from different camera angles. Play around with bird’s eye view and close-ups. The Together video camera allows you to stitch together multiple clips into a single movie, and the variety of camera angles will make the final cut more visually interesting.

8. Work with an assistant. OK, maybe you can’t hire someone to follow you around all day, but if you’re recording something important, at least get a friend to watch your back, make sure you don’t trip over anything, and keep strangers from walking into your shot.

9. Don’t look at the camera! Recording an interview? Nothing gives you away as an amateur like having the interviewee look into the camera. Coach the subject to look at the person conducting the interview, who should be sitting to the right or left of the camera.

10. Shoot more than you need. Plan to record more footage than you think you will need. Together makes it easy to edit and splice clips into movies. It’s better to have more material and edit it out than to not have enough and miss your opportunity.

With these ten tips, you’ll be bound to record some beautiful, professional looking videos.

Are you a videographer? What tips do you have for shooting better videos?

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